A Fantasy Adventure Anthology to
Raise Money for Breast Cancer Research.

Projected Release Date: Summer 2021

Breastplates is a Heroic Fantasy anthology benefiting the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, featuring ten tales from some of today’s most talented fantasy authors, edited and illustrated by Robert Zoltan. The Kickstarter Campaign to raise money will begin in the coming months. For now, submission for the anthology is by invitation only. If ten stories of superb quality cannot be found in that way, it will open up to a more public form of submissions. Contributors to the anthology will hopefully be about half male and half female. Please watch for further news and learn how you can support this exciting worthy endeavor by joining the Dream Tower Media mailing list below. And please share this with all of your friends. Thank you!

Breastplate Anthology Author Guidelines

For the Breastplates anthology, Dream Tower Media is looking for original unpublished stories in the vein of the early classic fantasy adventure authors, such as: Fritz Leiber, Jack Vance, Catherine L. Moore, Robert E. Howard, and Michael Moorcock. We would like stories to be no more violent than Howard’s Conan stories or Moorcock’s Eternal Champion tales, and if less so, all the better. Stories with detailed descriptions of gore, sadism, or long overly-written fight scenes are not desired. Nor are stories with a grim or nihilistic outlook. The whole point of the anthology and the charity that will benefit from it is to give hope. The dangers, horrors, and struggles should be portrayed realistically, but the overriding themes should be of courage, hope, and compassion. Resolution of problems by wit, intuitive wisdom, ingenuity, empathy, luck, synchronicity, mystical perception, etc. is preferred over violent solutions, though violence may be necessary.

Stories should be 5K-15K in length.

Dream Tower Media would never discriminate on the basis of race, religion, or sexual identity. Dream Tower Media and this anthology is concerned solely with publishing the highest quality of literature possible while still remaining a viable business. In other words, publish great stories and sell as many books as possible.

In the case of Breastplates, the business venture is the Kickstarter campaign, and without its success, there will be no anthology. Thus, we are looking more at authors that have some kind of audience that they can point toward the Kickstarter campaign to help make the project funding a success. We would be happy to publish an unpublished author if their social network was large enough to help support the campaign. Everyone involved with the anthology will be paid from the Kickstarter money alone. All authors are guaranteed at least $300 per story, more if goals beyond the minimum of the campaign goal are reached. Once the campaign is successful, the primary goal is to create the best anthology possible, and then to sell as many books as possible (with all publisher proceeds going to the charity) in order to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and to promote the authors included in the anthology. Dream Tower Media will make ongoing efforts in this area, and the anthology authors will hopefully do their part as well.

Any inquiries should be emailed to info(a) Please do not send story manuscripts unless they have been requested. Thank you for your cooperation, interest, and support.

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