Sexy Fantastic Magazine Heroine Cosplay Model Photo Submissions

SUBMISSIONS FOR ISSUE 2 ARE NOW OPEN. Thanks to everyone who submitted material for Issue 1. The general theme of Issue 2 is Goddesses, Nymphs, and Supervixens.

Sexy Fantastic Magazine: The Erotic Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy will debut on January 1st, 2021. It will feature the absolute highest quality of fiction, comics, book and movie reviews, articles, photos of sexy fantastic heroines, and other cultural delights by top professionals and award-winning authors and artists. We are currently accepting prose fiction, comic, and female model cosplay photo submissions for the debut issue.

Sexy Fantastic Magazine is looking for photos of female cosplay models for our Sexy Fantastic Heroine section. Each issue of Sexy Fantastic features a pinup style photo and a profile of each model. The photos are in the spirit of burlesque, erotic not pornographic, displaying women as empowered and comfortable with their sexuality, not as sex objects. Models must be 18 years of age.

We are looking for sensual, sexy, and erotic photos. The poses can be quiet or dynamic. They can show the entire figure or only part of the figure, but your head must be visible. As much skin can be revealed as desired, but genitals and anus must not be visible. Costumes should look authentic. We would rather see your original creations or a fantastic concept of yourself than known media characters (in fact, using recognizable logos and costumes could create legal use issues, so we would rather avoid this). If models are unable to create a convincing backdrop, please shoot against a neutral color (such as an unlit green or black sheet). We enjoy a retro look, but are not limited to that.

Examples of the kinds of photos we’re looking for are shown below (the photos are not the property of Sexy Fantastic Magazine or Dream Tower Media). Also below are questions that the model will need to answer for her profile in the magazine once her photo is accepted for an issue. It is not necessary to answer the questions until your photo is chosen. We would also like a very short paragraph explaining your inspiration for the costume and photo (this may be edited by us for quality or length).

Format and Submission Guidelines

Photos should be shot as professionally as possible, in portrait (not landscape) format. Dramatic lighting is preferred. Images should be delivered as jpgs, pngs or tiffs at 300 dpi resolution, with dimensions of at least 8.5” x 11” (2550 x 3300 pixels).

Please submit only one photo. Photos should be sent to: contact (at) with the subject header “Model Submission.”

Deadline for Issue 2 submission is January 1st, 2021.


A model release form will be sent to the model if her photo is chosen, and must be signed and returned to Sexy Fantastic. The photo must be owned by the model, or she must at least have the power to grant rights for Sexy Fantastic Magazine to use the photo.

The publishing company of Sexy Fantastic, Dream Tower Media, is buying global first print and digital publication rights. Dream Tower Media will have the exclusive rights to publish and use the purchased material prior to and for one year following the publication of those materials. After that period, Dream Tower Media will retain the right to publish and sell the purchased materials non-exclusively. Dream Tower Media will have the right to use your name and portion or whole of the material to promote the magazine. During the period of exclusivity, you agree to refrain from publishing the purchased material in whole or in part without prior consent. If you would like to submit a photo of yourself that has been previously published, please sent an email query explaining the circumstances and it will be considered.


Models will be paid $75 plus a one-year subscription to the magazine if and when their photos are published in the magazine.

Questions for Model’s Profile

Favorite Movies or Show (list 3-5 scifi or fantasy movies):

Favorite Books (list 3-5 scifi or fantasy books)

Favorite Planet in our Solar System:

Favorite Cocktail or Beverage:

Name Something Sexy:

Name Something Fantastic:

Story Behind Your Photo:

SAMPLE PHOTOS (the photos are not the property of Sexy Fantastic Magazine or Dream Tower Media, and are shown as examples only):