A Renaissance in Storytelling

The Literary Wonder & Adventure Show: Click Here to Listen to Episode 4
Robert E. Howard, Master of Sword & Sorcery: A Conversation with Author Howard Andrew Jones.
It’s spring cleaning time in the Dream Tower as Robert and Edgar travel to the Hyborian Age for a lively chat with author Howard Andrew Jones! Robert and Howard discuss Robert E. Howard, Conan, childhood, heroes, cynicism, creativity and the lure of lost civilizations. Plus, Robert and Edgar get a couple of vaguely familiar visitors. WARNING: Nihilists will hate this one. Pour a goblet of your favorite libation, sharpen your sword, and sit back for another rousing, amusing, and inspiring hour (or more) of Literary Wonder & Adventure! Oh, I almost forgot: the world premiere of “On the Battlefield” (the Robert E. Howard Rap) by the Beastmaster Boys! SHEESH, what more could you want?! Premieres March 31st at 7 pm (PST).
Listen to the trailer below for a sneak preview!


The Literary Wonder & Adventure Show: Click Here to Listen to Episode 3
The Dream Tower travels to Middle-Earth for Episode 3: J.R.R. Tolkien, Master of Modern Mythology: A Conversation with Scott Oden.
Join Robert and Edgar the Raven as they welcome special guest author Scott Oden for a discussion on Tolkien, orcs, creativity, bliss, childhood, and the occult dangers of advanced math. Plus, the Dream Tower gets a couple of unexpected visitors, and Robert and Edgar sing a short but sweet duet. All on the Literary Wonder & Adventure Show podcast page starting February 28th at 7 pm (PST). Listen to the trailer below for a sneak preview!

Join us in the Dream Tower for Literary Wonder & Adventure podcast Episode 2 as we welcome special guest, Ryan Harvey, to discuss the Master of Adventure fiction, Edgar Rice Burroughs, creator of Tarzan and John Carter of Mars. Here’s a sneak peek!


Dream Tower Media’s Literary Wonder & Adventure podcast premiered with the fantastic audiobook dramatization, Rogues of Merth: The Blue Lamp, a sword and sorcery story featuring the poet swordsman, Dareon Vin, and his Indari warrior comrade known as Blue. Originally published in Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, The Blue Lamp features an original symphonic score, sound effects, and the voice talent of Robert Zoltan and Danita Bayer. Listen to the podcast HERE.

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The Blue Lamp received a rave review from Black Gate magazine! You can read it here.

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