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Literary Wonder & Adventure Show

EPISODE 4 (March 2017)
Robert E. Howard, Master of Sword & Sorcery: A Conversation with Author Howard Andrew Jones

Welcome to the critically-acclaimed Literary Wonder & Adventure Show, a variety show best described as a cross between Mystery Science Theater 3000 and The Tonight Show. Each month, host Robert Zoltan and his quirky sidekick, Edgar the Raven, welcome a special guest to the Dream Tower for fascinating conversation and hilarious misadventures. Plus, at least once per year, a full dramatized audio adventure premieres for your enjoyment. Sign up for the newsletter to be notified of upcoming events and special offers to subscribers only! And PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW on iTunes if you enjoy the show. iTunes makes up seventy percent of the podcasting audience and the show will not continue if it does not get visible support from the listeners. THANKS!

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EPISODE 3 (February 2017)
J.R.R. Tolkien, Master of Modern Mythology: A Conversation with Author Scott Oden

EPISODE 2 (January 2017)
Edgar Rice Burroughs, Master of Adventure: A Conversation with Author Ryan Harvey

Robert and Edgar welcome Writer’s of the Future Award winner Ryan Harvey to discuss Tarzan, John Carter of Mars, giant monsters, eugenics, depression, didactic versus pornographic art, and why you might name your son Holbert. Plus, Robert deals with possible Pteranodon infestation around the Dream Tower.


EPISODE 1 (December 2016)
The Blue Lamp (From the series, Rogues of Merth: The Adventures of Dareon and Blue)

Click here to purchase your very own copy now!

Dream Tower Media is proud to present its first audiobook, a full dramatization of the mysterious sword and sorcery adventure, The Blue Lamp, by Robert Zoltan. Part of his Rogues of Merth series, The Blue Lamp features the recurring reluctant adventurers, the poet swordsman Dareon Vin, and his Indari warrior companion whom he has nicknamed Blue (his real tribal name is a secret known only to his tribe).

The dramatization is produced by Dream Tower Media, with music by composer and songwriter Robert Szeles (Kiss the Girl Music), promotional illustrations by Zoltan, and the voice talent of Robert Zoltan and Danita Bayer.

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