Cover Sections

Cover Sections

Pillar features an array of cover sections to suit multiple purposes. Combine sliders, backgrounds, media embeds and images to create an engaging first impression for your website.

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Build beautiful landing pages.

Combine multiple purpose-built elements to craft your perfect, conversion focussed landing page – and do it all in the comfort of your browser.

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Digital, Delivered.

Beautiful front-end components
built for modern startups.

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Bold, Flexible, Robust.

Pillar features a block-based design that enables near unlimited page combinations

[pillar_icon_box icon=”icon-Love-Window” layout=”side-small-color” title=”Visual Composer Page Builder”]Building beautiful websites has never been this easy, or fun! Visual Composer allows you to assemble, edit content and adjust style options: all in the comfort of your browser.[/pillar_icon_box][pillar_icon_box icon=”icon-File-Edit” layout=”side-small-color” title=”100+ Demo Pages”]Kickstart your project with our vast selection of carefully crafted demo pages, or build your own with uniquely styled content blocks.[/pillar_icon_box][/pillar_text_image]
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Diverse, Beautiful Components

Pillar features a bevy of content blocks and layouts to create your website.

[pillar_icon_box icon=”icon-Fingerprint” title=”Over 2,000 Icons”]Pillar includes the Icons Mind kit with each purchase.[/pillar_icon_box][pillar_icon_box icon=”icon-Support” title=”Support Included”]Each Pillar purchase comes with 6 months support included.[/pillar_icon_box][/pillar_text_image]

A global design agency specialising in the
art of brand storytelling