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Dream Tower Media creates full audiobook dramas featuring professional voice actors, sound effects, and full symphonic musical scores.

Excerpts from Delta of the Damned audiobook drama
Demon of the Delta

Storm of Flies

Reaching the Open Sea

Excerpts from One Night in Merth audiobook drama
Dareon and Blue Meet and Face the Thing

Dareon and Kora’s Secret Tryst

Tower Burns and Dareon Falls

Riding from Merth

Excerpts from The Blue Lamp audiobook drama
Dareon and Zazar Sword Duel

Blue Men Fight

Blue and Malika Go to the Palace

Moth Queen’s Revenge

Excerpt from The Strand audiobook drama
Guy Tries to Bring Hope Through the Strand

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Robert Zoltan is an award-winning songwriter and composer who can write, arrange, and produce anything from pop or electronic music to full symphonic scores.

Rogues of Merth Main Theme

Rogues of Merth Love Theme

The Strand Main Theme

Incidental Music Samples
Haunted Tower

Port of Call

Thief at Night

Thing in the Tower

Corridors of Night

Fall to the River and Tower’s Fall

Dareon Revealed

Princess Awakes

Tale of Distant Lands

Battle in the Burning Tower

Dawn and Departure

Robert Zoltan is a published writer who was a Semi-Finalist in the Writers of the Future Competition. His stories have been
praised by Rich Horton, editor of the Year’s Best Science Fiction and Fantasy, international award-winning and bestselling author Steven Savile, Locus Magazine, Heroic Fantasy Quarterly Magazine, Tangent Online, and others.

The Blue Lamp (Sword and Sorcery)
Delta of the Damned (Sword and Sorcery)
Wandering Stars (Contemporary Fantasy)
The Never Men (Science Fiction)

Robert Zoltan (under the name Zoltan) is a professional illustrator who holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Illustration.
He has done work for clients such as Disney and Simon & Schuster.


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